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clubcar inspired . bartender crafted 
sparkling cocktails


four flavour choices
all natural  only 125 calories  5% alcohol

Sea Breeze.jpg

sea breeze

cranberry grapefruit lime

For over 100 years the Sea Breeze cocktail has been the foundation of refreshment around the world. Cranberry and grapefruit flavours combine in this classic balanced refresher with mild citrus notes. The pale pink colour and sweetness of this cocktail make for an invigorating and distinctive beverage experience.


100% Natural flavours and colours.

This thirst-quenching cocktail is inspired by the natural bounty of summer berries. We combine the flavours of ripe tasty blackberries and strawberries together with fresh mint and lime, then blend in our soda and vodka base. The Berry Crush cocktail, with its rich aroma and vibrant berry color, provides the senses with a balanced refresher at any time of the year.

100% Natural flavours and colours.

Berry Crush.jpg

berry crush

blackberry strawberry lime mint

Peach Melba.jpg

pineapple mojito

pineapple lime mint

This is our twist on the classic Mojito. Rich, ripe, pineapple flavours are blended with our vodka mojito base to create a super-refreshing tropical cocktail. The Pineapple Mojito with its natural rum and mint flavours celebrates the Caribbean and provides a delicious and delectable experience, all year round.

100% Natural flavours and colours.

peach melba

peach raspberry vanilla

There are no better combinations of fresh fruit flavours than ripe peaches and raspberries. Our peach forward cocktail hooks you with its aroma and colour, then balances the richness with ripe raspberry acidity. Just a hint of vanilla complements the smooth pallet of rich fruit flavours, resulting in an enjoyable and imaginative drink that promises to be a new favourite.


100% Natural flavours and colours.

Pineapple Mojito.jpg

sold individually in boxes of 4 or collectively in a convenient 12 pack box

12 PCK BOX.tif
sea breeze box.tif
Berry Crush_box.tif
peach melba box.tif
Pineapple Mojito_box_.tif


guitar on tracks.tif

The clubcar was the railway carriage at the epicenter of this experience. Where card playing mavericks drank and caroused the long hours away while rolling down the tracks.

Music was a central theme to the festivities of the clubcar. Our beverage line-up was created to celebrate the maverick that lives in each of us.

our vision.tif

Each year we select live music concerts and artists to support. In some cases creating

our own venue and festival such as the Blind Pig Festival (, held on Granville Island throughout the summer of 2023.


Your favourite cocktails

– anywhere!

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Produced and Distributed by: Snoday Brands Inc.

Tel: 403-813-0873

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